About Us
The Susquehanna River Boat Story

The Harrisburg Area Riverboat Society is a non-profit organization that operates The Pride of the Susquehanna, the only authentic paddlewheel riverboat on this side of the Mississippi and one of only six remaining in the USA. Our organization is led by a board of community leaders and is dedicated to promoting increased tourism, economic development, and education about the history and ecology of the Susquehanna River and the surrounding region.

The Pride of the Susquehanna is unique in that its paddlewheels not only propel the vessel but also steer and turn it independently. The drive system for our riverboat was constructed entirely on-site using local supplies, labor, and funds in 1987-1988. As one of the few remaining authentic paddlewheel riverboats in America, our vessel is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our community.

Experience A Variety Of Cruises

Visitors to The Pride of the Susquehanna can experience a slice of America’s history and a venue worth visiting for nautical enthusiasts and history experts from around the nation. Celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2023, our riverboat launches every season from May-October and offers daily public cruises at an affordable cost.

We also offer a variety of themed cruises, such as dinner cruises, murder mysteries, music nights, family events, wine and cheese cruises, and princess and superhero cruises. Additionally, our riverboat is available for weddings, family reunions, parties, and business/corporate outings. All military personnel, including active, reserves, and retired, ride the riverboat for free.

Overall, The Pride of the Susquehanna is a community-led effort that has become a regional economic, educational, and community engine that enhances life in Central Pennsylvania.

Special Qualifications Of Our Team:

  • Our Captains are certified and licensed by the US Coast Guard.
  • All crew must go through US Coast Guard approved training.
  • All gallery crew are RAMP certified.
  • All office and riverboat crew are required to have all clearances.
  • Our Administrative Director is a certified Non-Profit Manager

Welcome To
The Pride of the
Susquehanna Riverboat

Looking to explore the stunning scenery of the Susquehanna River? Book yourself on “The Pride of Susquehanna” – an authentic stern-driven paddlewheel riverboat. With its wooden decks and striking red and white hull, this riverboat feels straight out of a Mark Twain novel.

As you cruise down the river, you will be awestruck by the picturesque views of the riverbanks and the abundant wildlife – from soaring eagles and herons to playful otters and mink. The spacious upper deck offers the perfect vantage point to soak it all in, while the lower deck boasts a cozy interior with comfortable seating and large windows. Book now and be prepared for a memorable trip along one of the most beautiful waterways in America!